Nomadic Labs have published their intentions to propose two competing protocol amendments. Both proposals make small changes, with the overall goal to test the on-chain governance mechanism of Tezos. You can read more about the proposals here and take part in the online discussion on Kialo.

Proposal One
Athens B

Increase gas limits

Proposal Two
Athens A

Increase gas limits
AND reduce roll size

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Proposal 1


Proposal 2



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Participate today, and indicate your voting preference ahead of the upcoming proposals. All you need to do is send a simple transaction from your wallet to our smart contract. The only costs are the network and storage fees, which amount to approximately 0.07ꜩ.

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To: KT1Tuvu3JCXJWgoL8NLYfy38dMK7jxcdrFkZ
Amount: 0.000001
Fee: 21000μꜩ (0.021ꜩ)
Gas limit: 200000
Storage limit: 50

About Us

TezVote is a free tool developed by TezTech Labs. We aim to provide user friendly tools to help delegation services and delegators when it comes to the protocol amendment process and on-chain voting. We believe a transparent, on-chain and secure method to survey stakeholder sentiment is vital to help delegators and delegates through this process.

Why we should use this?

Currently, delegation services have control of a lot of voting power, but some lack the tools to accurately gauge the voting sentiment of their users. We hope TezVote will provide an accurate, auditable and on-chain process to assist with this process.

How does voting work?

We have deployed a very simple smart contract which when called, stores the senders address and a corresponding vote. This is important because it is on-chain, and can't be set by anyone but the owner of the private key.

Where do the results come from?

We pull all results from the blockchain, and store them in a secondary database to improve usability, whilst remaining auditable. We use the latest snapshot taken on the network to measure the weight (tez) of each stakeholder and corresponding on-chain vote.

Help me understand the proposals!

The best place to read and discuss the pros and cons of the current proposals is on Kialo - you can also ask on Reddit, follow the Nomadic Labs blog or join the Riot chat room.

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Feel free to reach us on Twitter, or send an email to [email protected]!